Established in 1996 by the Pascale brothers, Pascale Industrie Alimentari, a division of the Pascale Group, has been producing quality fried snacks for the food service industry and private labels alike. The company started from a small workshop, equipped with ingenuity, passion and creativity, and the last few decades has seen the business transform into a renowned specialist of traditional Italian bites. That old family workshop is now a state-of-the-art, seven-thousand square meters facility equipped with the most advanced machinery and trained staff. Our products, consisting of the best local and regional ingredients, can now be found in restaurants across Italy and the globe.


From the beginning our obsession with good Italian food drove us to create our signature recipes, spurring us on and never allowing us to rest on our laurels


To us, honouring traditions does not mean living in the past. Embracing new methods and systems enables us to improve on traditions while remaining authentic


No matter how large we grow, our family approach will always remain integral to our success. We are a family creating products we are proud of, for other families to enjoy


Crafting the finest Italian snacks is not something that happens by accident. It requires a constant drive to perfect age-old recipes, an investment in innovation and efficiency with a constant commitment to quality and precision. Over the last three decades, Pascale Industrie Alimentari has established itself as a purveyor of authentic Italian treats by never settling for “average”.Our meticulous approach to our food production begins with stringent policies of hygiene. Our production lines are thoroughly sanitised and checked by our management team and technicians before a single grain of rice is used. Our entire facility is safeguarded from external elements that may compromise our products, through rigorous procedures, restricted zones and highly-accountable staff.

We take the same vigilant approach when it comes to sourcing the finest ingredients for each of our recipes. We are fortunate to have everything we need around us, so we select our raw ingredients from the best Italy has to offer, like the courgette flowers that are hand-picked from local producers. Our suppliers must have certain qualifications, such as BRC or IFS certifications to meet our strict criteria, while Pascale Industrie Alimentari is also certified by the MSC for actively supporting the sustainability of fisheries in our region. Sourcing this amazing produce is one thing; creating our signature flavours from these ingredients is something totally different. Our Research & Development department works tirelessly to craft and improve our recipes until we have a product our family would be proud of. With a production line generating about seven tons of suppli a day, we can guarantee that every single one meets our high standard of quality.

We are constantly investing in the latest technology, but our dependence on skilled people is just as crucial. One of the strengths of our company is undoubtedly a good combination of craftsmanship and industrialisation of some production lines. For example, the production of courgette flowers and cod fillets coated in batter can only be painstakingly made by hand, so we are extremely reliant on the delicate skill of our staff. The majority of our products may only take a couple of hours to roll off the lines from the initial cooking, chilling, shaping to breading and battering. The food could then be packed fresh or pre-fried in a protective environment, or frozen with our state-of-the-art spiral freezer designed for rapid, continuous freezing of our products at temperatures as low as -40°C. Our refrigerated products are then delivered to clients using Pascale Industrie Alimentari’s fleet of isothermal vehicles, while the distribution of our frozen products is handled by expert local and international logistics specialists.

It is this precise attention to perfection at every stage of production that has made us the manufacturer of choice for many local and global brands. After thirty years and millions of tons of food produced, Pascale Industrie Alimentari is still proud to claim that every bite of our food is filled with authenticity, passion and love.


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